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Three Reasons for Rising Car Repair Costs

Prices are on the rise. Unfortunately, automotive repair is showing the same trend. Here are three reasons for the rising car repair costs.

posted October 17th, 2023
by Webmaster
Inflation is a…. Well, you know! Wherever you look, prices are rising. Doctors, groceries, eating out, and goods & services are all rising. Unfortunately, automotive repair is showing the same trend. What a lot of people don’t understand is why the price of repairs has gone up so much, and why the curve doesn’t seem...

My Car is Leaking! What does it Mean?

What is your car leaking and what it might mean

posted August 24th, 2023
by Webmaster
Ever gotten out of your car and noticed what looks like water dripping and had a moment of panic? Did you think “Oh my god, my car is leaking! What does it mean?” The good news is, normally there is no need to panic. The water dripping from your car is normally just condensation from...

5 Spring Maintenance Tips for your Car

How do you get your vehicle ready for Spring you may ask? Well, here are Pugh’s Auto Services 5 Tips to get your car ready for Spring!

posted April 26th, 2023
by Webmaster
April showers bring May flowers. We’ve all heard the saying, but rarely do we think about it when come to preparing our vehicles for Spring weather. So, how do you get your vehicle ready for Spring you may ask? Well, here are Pugh’s Auto Services 5 Tips to get your car ready for Spring! Inspect...

5 Ways to Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

From Fall leaves and temperatures dropping causing slick roadways to windshields getting covered with fog and frost. The farther into Winter we go, the more magnified these challenges will become. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to prepare your vehicle for winter.

posted November 21st, 2022
by Webmaster
For those of us who call Delaware home, we know the weather can change on a dime. One moment we’re seeing temps in the 70’s, and the next day they’re in the 40’s. With Winter approaching fast, remember that hazards are everywhere.  From Fall leaves and temperatures dropping causing slick roadways to windshields getting covered...

Cold Weather Checklist for your Car

Is your car ready for the cold weather? Take a look at our checklist and see.

posted October 24th, 2022
by Webmaster
Did you know? The Fall months are some of the most challenging for drivers and their cars. Why? After Summer, upkeep of our cars and trucks takes a back seat to going back to school, work, and life in general. It’s easy to take your car’s or truck’s performance for granted, and with the upcoming...

Why do my Tires Wear Unevenly?

Ever wonder what causes tires to wear out quickly?

posted October 17th, 2022
by Webmaster
Just had your Tires Replaced and it seems like they are already worn out? If you have this concern, you are not alone. If you feel as though this question applies to you then take a look as some of the tips that may shed some light on your problem.          Brand of...

How to Find Your College Freshman a Trustworthy Automotive Repair Shop

Ways to set your kid up with a Trustworthy Automotive Mechanic

posted August 23rd, 2022
by Webmaster
It’s almost that time of year again! Time for parents to see their kids off to college! If you are one of these parents, a parent who is sending away a newly minted Freshman to an out of state school, you are likely going out of your mind trying to prepare. One way to prepare...

3 Ways to know Your Car needs an Air Filter

How do you know you need a new Air Filter? Here are few tips to realize when it’s time to change your car’s air filter.

posted February 9th, 2022
by Webmaster
Does my car need a new Air Filter? How do I know it’s time to replace my Car’s Air Filter? As an automotive service writer, we often get this question a lot. People know the proper time frame for an Oil Change, but when it comes to other types of Vehicle Maintenance, like changing their...

5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Services

posted February 6th, 2022
by Webmaster
When was the last time you visited your mechanic for routine maintenance other than an oil change? If the answer is “rarely” or “I don’t remember”, don’t worry. You aren’t alone.  The standard Oil Change is what’s been drilled into our brains since before we even owned our first car. Unfortunately, other maintenance items that...

Does my Car have Salt Damage

With lots of snow comes lots of salt. Be careful not to let salt damages creep up on your car and wreck your winter.

posted January 20th, 2022
by Webmaster
Winter weather always plays havoc on our vehicles.  The sudden drop in temperature causes our tires to suddenly lose air. This causes that pesky TPMS sensor to go off over and over. Our cars suddenly have trouble starting because the batteries are negatively affected. And, our wipers need replacing more frequently because the cold and...