Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Your Accurate Choice for Automotive Diagnostics

When a light comes on in your car,Vehicle Trouble codes often require computer diagnostics to properly diagnose and repair. it’s not always as simple as pull the code from the computer and fix it. Some codes are straight forward and others take in depth diagnostic procedures. This is especially on modern vehicles that contain more technology and features.

Troubleshooting has become more difficult than ever with all the extra technology in vehicles today. It doesn't matter whether you have an ABSor Check Engine Light, or if your engine is running rough, or your transmission isn’t shifting right. You need to be able to trust that the diagnostics expert working on your car is excellent.

We offer several levels of diagnostics. Our basic level is our SHOT (Sight, Hearing, Oder, Touch) Inspection. This inspection takes only 45 minutes and is completely free. If more in depth Troubleshooting is required, a Level 1, 2, or 3 will be performed. We at Pugh's Service Automotive will inform you if one of those is required.

Pugh’s Automotive Service mechanics are exactly what you are looking for. Skilled and experienced in diagnostics for your vehicle. With over 75-years in the automotive repair business, you can entrust your car’s diagnostic needs to us!


Auto Diagnostics by Expert Technicians

Pugh’s Automotive Mechanics are fully trained to perform automotive diagnostics on all vehicle systems. This includes minor electrical issues to in depth engine diagnosis. Pugh’s Automotive technicians are well equipped to find the cause and solve it.

At Pugh’s Automotive in Dover, DE, we use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and the most recent computerized technology to ensure accuracy.

If your Ford has its Check Engine Light on, your Chevy needs its ABS light Diagnosed, or your Nissan is running rough, thenour expert team of mechanics will trace the problem to the source for a perfect repair.

To make sure your repairs last, Pugh’s Automotive Service always uses name-brand, aftermarket, and OEM parts.