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Cold Weather Checklist for your Car

Is your car ready for the cold weather? Take a look at our checklist and see.

posted October 24th, 2022

Did you know? The Fall months are some of the most challenging for drivers and their cars. Why? After Summer, upkeep of our cars and trucks takes a back seat to going back to school, work, and life in general. It’s easy to take your car’s or truck’s performance for granted, and with the upcoming expenses of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we sometimes tempt fate. Let’s not tempt fate – instead, do these simple check-ups that will save you money and time while avoiding a horrible surprise.

Check your wipers. Wipers are often neglected, but once they’re replaced, we notice the improved vision during both day and night. Fall leaves and sticks always seem to damage our wipers. Wipers are an inexpensive upgrade to both your safety and the safety of others. This simple fix is a DIY project that could save you from an unwanted accident.

Check your battery. Make sure your battery cable ends are tight and free of corrosion. Such a simple issue caught at home or by your shop can save you the BIG headache of an unexpected breakdown. Then again, if a breakdown was expected, wouldn’t you do something to make sure it didn’t happen?

Check your tires. Fall brings new roadway challenges of wet leaves on the roads. Make sure the air pressure of your tires is at the manufacturer’s specifications. Look at the wear and tread depth. Most tires today have wear bars. Lastly, check your tires for abnormal wear. Do your tires have the steel belt showing on the edges? If so, please purchase new tires as soon as possible.

Check your heating and defroster. Fall creeps up on us quickly. Make sure you take a moment to check both the heater and defroster for proper operation. Does the temperature change as you adjust the temp control? If so, GREAT! If not, this could be caused by a low coolant level. If your coolant level is low, take your vehicle to your shop and have them check for leaks. Switch your climate control from heater to defrost to make sure your hot air is coming out of the correct locations. Again, if something is not quite right with the operation of your HVAC system, take your car into your shop for a checkup of this system.

Lastly, is it time to change your oil and filter? Our suggestion as to where to take your vehicle for a complete service is to the shop that does your repairs. Why? Think of your shop like you do your doctor. Your car’s doctor is the shop that does your repair work. When you allow them to do your routine service, they become familiar with the sights and sounds of your vehicle. This is important because all cars and trucks don’t have the same noises or may look a little different under the hood. Give your repair shop every opportunity to work in the best interest of you and your car.

With all those listed tips, have a great and blessed time of the year.  Remember Pugh’s Auto Service’s free SHOT inspection if you need any of these systems checked, free of charge. What is a SHOT Vehicle Inspection? Sight, Hearing, Odor and Touch. Now you can tackle Fall with confidence!!!!!!