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3 Ways to know Your Car needs an Air Filter

How do you know you need a new Air Filter? Here are few tips to realize when it’s time to change your car’s air filter.

posted February 9th, 2022

Show the difference between a Dirty Air Filter and a New Air Filter Does my car need a new Air Filter? How do I know it’s time to replace my Car’s Air Filter?

As an automotive service writer, we often get this question a lot. People know the proper time frame for an Oil Change, but when it comes to other types of Vehicle Maintenance, like changing their car’s Air Filter, they have no idea. 

Here are 3 ways to know your car needs a new Air Filter.


Check Your Manual!

Your Car’s User manual will tell you the manufacturer’s recommended mileage for replacing your Air Filter among several other maintenance items.

If you are unsure about how long to run your car between Air Filter cleanings or replacements, then simply open up your manual to the recommended maintenance page, and find where it shows you the recommended mileage to have your Air Filter Replaced. 


Visual Check

If you don’t have a manual or can’t find it, another easy way to see if it is time to replace your Air Filter is to Visually Inspect it. 

If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, go to a local shop and ask them to show you what to look for. Pugh’s Automotive Service does Free 30-Point Inspections that cover the condition of the Air Filter, and we are always happy to show you our findings. 

If your Air filter is dusty, dirty, and filled with debris then it is time for a replacement. 


Increase in Gas Consumption

A clogged and dirty Air Filter can cause your vehicle’s fuel consumption to increase. Not a whole lot at first, but as time goes on it will get worse. 

Your vehicle’s engine needs good air flow to operate at its best. When air flow is lacking, the engine has to work harder to get the flow it needs. This can cause the extra consumption of fuel.

If you think your vehicle needs a Replacement Air Filter, feel free to give Pugh’s Automotive Service, located in Dover, DE a call. You can also schedule an appointment online at Remember, we do give complimentary 30-Point Inspections with our service, which will show you any areas on your vehicle that need maintenance.