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How to Find Your College Freshman a Trustworthy Automotive Repair Shop

Ways to set your kid up with a Trustworthy Automotive Mechanic

posted August 23rd, 2022

Pugh's Automotive Service, Dover DE.It’s almost that time of year again! Time for parents to see their kids off to college!

If you are one of these parents, a parent who is sending away a newly minted Freshman to an out of state school, you are likely going out of your mind trying to prepare.

One way to prepare you and your child is to scout the area for Trustworthy, Reputable, and Skillful Automotive Mechanics. Should something happen to your kid while they’re gone, you want to make sure they aren’t taken advantage of.

As we all know, vehicle repairs can be very expensive; add to that the cost of tuition, and your anxiety level goes through the roof.

While we can’t help with paying your college tuition expenses, we can provide some helpful tips to finding trustworthy Automotive Repair Shops… And hopefully reduce your stress!

If there is one thing we can all agree on, going to an Automotive Dealer is always more expensive than going to a local shop. Since every dollar counts, choosing the right shop is paramount to saving your money.

First and foremost, you should start looking for an automotive repair shop early. The earlier you start researching Automotive Shops near your child’s college, the more prepared you can be when you leave your kid for the next few months.

Below is a list of what to look for from the car repair center that will be watching over your child’s safety and your wallet over the next four years and perhaps beyond.

1)      Local Reputation: I don’t mean look on social media for Google/Yelp Ratings, though those can help, but TALK to real folks that live and work in the area. If you’re out eating, shopping or whatever you are doing, ask questions.

2)      Take Notes:  Take down the addresses and phone numbers of Automotive Shops that are local to the area of your child’s college. This way, you can visit some when you are in town visiting their college, too.

3)      Schedule a Service: Once you narrow down your list, make an appointment to get a feel for the staff. While you’re there, take notice of certain things. For instance, what do they offer on a Service? Do they have a Waiting Area? Do they Offer Shuttle Services? Will they pick you up when your vehicle is complete? These are all services that we at Pugh’s Service Automotive have offered for years, at NO CHARGE!

4)      Going Above and Beyond: When changing your oil and filter will they do additional checks? Here at Pugh’s Service we perform a Free 30-Point Inspection on every car, regardless of the reason of the visit.

5)      Get to Know the Owner: Ask many questions, like “Do you have kids in college?” “Will you call me with an estimate whenever work needs to be done?” “Can you prioritize the repairs, I’m on a budget, my kid’s in college?” Having an owner that understands your position of value and safety for your child is HUGE!

6)      Are They ASE Certified?: This is a tough one. I know some amazing technicians that are not ASE and some techs can pass a test but in practice couldn’t repair the little red wagon, which goes back to #1 on the list. Local Reputation.

Here at Pugh’s Service we are surrounded by colleges and have a ton of experience with earning the trusts of parents and students alike.

Did you know that many students stay in the area of the college they attended, even after graduation? It is important that you find a Car Repair Center that views your young adult as a person, and not a number, and treats them as such.

I would like to thank such a young collegian for the inspiration to write this blog. Nakia Bracey, thank you and congratulations on graduating from Wilmington College. Lastly, a shout out to all of our amazing past and present students from Delaware State University, Wesley College, DelTech and Wilmington College.

You all are valued within our community and are special to us at Pugh’s Service.