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Why do my Tires Wear Unevenly?

Ever wonder what causes tires to wear out quickly?

posted October 17th, 2022

Just had your Tires Replaced and it seems like they are already worn out?

If you have this concern, you are not alone. If you feel as though this question applies to you then take a look as some of the tips that may shed some light on your problem.

         Brand of Tire:  Make sure that the Tires Installed on your vehicle match what you use it for. Also ask yourself if the Tires Installed match your Driving Style and the Driving Conditions it is exposed to.

Secondly, remember that Tire Brand does matter. If you ask your shop about Tire Brands that they stock, and it turns out that they only deal in one brand then it is time that you to go to a more versatile shop.

Some Tire Brands are softer than others which helps with Road Grip but have a shorter lifespan. The Mile Rating on a tire can be a big factor in determine what Tires should be installed on your vehicle.

At Pugh’s Service Automotive we install a variety of tires, depending on our customer’s needs. Whether it be Goodyear, Michelin, or Cooper Tires, we can get them.

        Tire Repair & Tire Installation Where is the Wear?: If your tires seem to wear out too fast, then you should check the tire for Unusual Wear Patterns.

If your Tire Wear Pattern can be seen mostly on the sides, then that could indicate a few conditions.

One of the more popular conditions for Side Wear is not Rotating your Tires enough. Tires should be Rotated and Balanced every 6k to 8k miles.

Your vehicle’s Alignment, or lack of proper alignment, is another cause for Tire Wear seen on the Side Tread of you Tires. That, or a Steering Linkage could be faulty.

Thankfully, Pugh’s Service Automotive performs Free 30-Point Inspections, which can catch issues like this.

You also want to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. If they are Under Inflated, then it is likely you will see Side Wear as well. Newer vehicles have TPMS systems that will cause a warning light to come on if the Tire Inflation isn’t within the proper specifications.

On the other hand, if your tires show a lot of Center Wear, then it is very likely that your tires are Over Inflated. The specifications for proper level of Inflation of your Tires is normally located on the inside of the Driver’s Door Jam.

The final type of Wear Pattern is Cupping or Scalloping. This type of Wear Pattern shows up as “cups” or dips around different areas of the Tire Tread. This type of Wear Pattern is caused by several factors. One is your tires not being Properly Balanced. Another likely cause is bad suspension parts, such as shocks or struts.

          Does Your Tire Bulge: If you inspect your tire and find that there is a Bulge in the Tire Tread or Side Wall then you need to take your car to a shop immediately. A Tire Bulge is a sign of a Defective Tire and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Driving with a Tire Bulge could cause a blowout, which will put you and anyone driving around you in danger.

Armed with this information, we at Pugh’s Service Automotive hope that you are better able to save your money by making sure your tires last longer.

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